At MFT, we embody a commitment to sustainability through our core principles: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse &
Recycle. In alignment with the UN’s sustainability goals, we strive to revolutionize modern shipping with
our green initiatives. Transparency is paramount in building trust and forming personal connections with
our valued clients, which is why we remain as open as possible to ensure our green intentions are
consistently upheld.

Our Core Values

Our culture is characterized by a set of core values that guide all our actions. We strive for results, value
flexibility, and consistently go the extra mile for our customers. Service holds a high priority, and we take
pride in our prototyping abilities, while adhering to principles of integrity, respect, responsibility, and
honesty. Creating a supportive environment for colleagues, making prompt decisions, demonstrating
diligence, and maintaining easy collaboration are all integral aspects of our philosophy. We actively
contribute to job creation and sustainability objectives, emphasizing waste reduction, and placing great
importance on knowledge, expertise, skills, and valuable experience.

Expertise in Action

Expertise is at the core of our operations. Our marine engineers are dedicated to meeting your specific
needs, focusing on optimizing engine performance, monitoring oil consumption, and benchmarking vessel
performance to empower shipowners. We’re committed to addressing all our customers’ challenges, and
going to great lengths to resolve challenges we meet upon.

Service Excellence

As your service partner, we provide technical expertise, welding services, inspection services, and round-
the-clock support. This reduces maintenance burden and ensures operational efficiency for vessel crews.
Our user-friendly products and ongoing 24/7 assistance make a tangible difference.


At Marine Fluid Technology we foster an innovative, creative, and dynamic work environment. We place a strong emphasis on hands-on training aboard the vessels to provide the deepest possible understanding of how our products operate. We proudly represent a robust brand that originated from the world’s largest container shipping line, known for our innovative product offerings.