The SEA-Mate® Blending-on-Board concept is based on propriety technology designed to enable the crew onboard the vessel to custom blend a Fit-for-Purpose Cylinder Lubricant from recycled 2-stroke Crankcase System Oil blended with a Cylinder Oil Concentrate.

The Cylinder Oil Concentrate can e.g. be an additive, an (OEM approved) additive package with a Base-Number (BN) around 300, or a high BN cylinder oil - e.g. BN 100 or 140. With a Fit-for-Purpose Cylinder Lubricant, neutralization performance is set according to different engine operating conditions and fuel sulphur levels.


Benefits from Blending-on-Board:

  • Reduce lube-oil consumption up to 40%. For most MAN B&W 2-stroke engines it is possible to achieve 0,6 g/kWh feed regardless of sulphur content, for Wärtsilä 2-stroke engines down to 0,7 g/kWh can be achieved. Standard lubrication settings often result in lube-oil consumption of 1.2 g/kWh or more when running on high-sulphur fuel.

Blender2016 250

  • Fit-for-Purpose base-number assists in solving cold corrosion challenges and reduce liner & piston ring wearRead more here
  • Keeps system oil additives fresh and contamination at a minimum. Actively consuming system oil for Blending-on-Board means fresh and active system oil is added to system oil sump with regular intervals. This reduces contamination of oil and thus ensures better lubrication everywhere.  Read more here
  • Proven fuel savings as result of fresh system oil - Actively consuming system oil for Blending-on-Board means no increase in system oil viscosity (friction) over time. Lower system oil friction translates into proven & documented fuel savings up to 1.5%. Read the report here

Solutions available:

Marine Fluid Technology supplies blending systems for large and small 2-stroke engines:



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